We advocate for fair farm and food policies.

We work to change agriculture laws and regulations to benefit local and organic small and mid-sized farms.

Our activities and programming include:

  • Grassroots campaigns to¬†change local, state and federal policy, including our 2012¬†Barn Storm Tour,
  • Public service to inform leadership and strategic direction of state and local councils, agencies, and agricultural institutions, and
  • Coalition-building, including the Sustainable Food NC Coalition, for expanded access to healthy foods and preservation of farms and natural resources.

GMO Labeling

The Fight Is Not Over

As many of you know, the statewide ballot initiative to label genetically engineered food in California, known as Proposition 37, was defeated on Election Day by a vote of 53 percent to 47 percent.

While the measure was defeated, the 4 million votes that were cast for Prop 37 in California shows that a huge number of Americans want the right to know what is in their food. Learn More