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Who’s Running in Local, State and Federal Elections this Fall? 

Voters in North Carolina, to see who is running for office in your district and view a sample ballot, please visit Hover your mouse on the menu called “Voter Tools” at the top of the page and then click on “Voter Lookup”. Type your name and select your county and you will see your voter information, including the address of your polling place and a sample ballot.”

Voters in South Carolina, find out who is running in your district and see your sample ballot by visiting Click on “Get My Sample Ballot” in the menu on the right-hand side of the page, and type your name, county and date of birth into the form.


Not sure who represents you? Click the links below to identify your elected officials:

Who represents me in the US Congress?

Who represents me at the NC General Assembly? 

Who represents me in the SC Legislature?


US House of Representatives


District Representative Phone No. Agriculture Aide
1 G.K. Butterfield 202-225-3101 Kyle Parker
2 Renee Ellmers 202-225-4531 Adam Wood
3 Walter B. Jones 202-225-3415 Joshua Bowlen
4 David Price 202-225-1784 James Hunter
5 Virginia Foxx 202-225-2071 Josh Nassingill
6 Howard Coble 202-225-3065 Betsy Minto
7 Mike McIntyre 202-225-2731 Kaitlin Wolf
8 Richard Hudson 202-225-3715 Michael Thornberry
9 Robert Pittenger 202-225-1976 Stephen Billy
10 Patrick T. McHenry 202-225-2576 Doug Nation
11 Mark Meadows 202-225-6401 Jayme Rosanbich
12 Mel Watt 202-225-1510 Eric Love
13 George Holding 202-225-3032 Ryan Hart



District Representative Phone No.    Agriculture Aide
1 Mark Sanford  202-225-3176
2 Joe Wilson 202-225-2452 Chad Sydnor
3 Jeff Duncan 202-225-5301 Caleb Paxton
4 Trey Gowdy 202-225-6030 Annie Bartlett
5 Mick Mulvaney 202-225-5501 Natalee Binkholder
6 Jim Clyburn 202-225-3315  Amy Miller
7 Tom Rice 202-225-9895 Courtney Titus

US Senate

State Senator Phone No. Agriculture Aide
NC Richard Burr 202-224-3154 Matthew Dockham
NC Kay Hagan 202-224-6342 Aaron Suntag
SC Tim Scott 202-224-6121 Spencer Pederson
SC Lindsey Graham 202-224-5972 Jessica-Phillips Tyson


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