Folk Artist donates profit to Lomax Farm

by Barbara Hengstenberg, Wildes Art

When the stars align and those whom I respect speak, I need to listen!

I count my blessings that I acquired the skill (and art) of listening from my mother.  Whenever my friends had troubles, they asked to come speak with Mom.  They knew she would listen.  Listening to oneself, however, can often be another story…But once you do, it can take you to a higher plane.

I had always tinkered in art.  Mom and Dad even approved of the mural I painted on their kitchen wall!  Fourteen years ago, I followed my dream when I became an elementary schoolteacher in Connecticut.

Closing out that chapter of my life and shutting the door to my classroom this year, I am drawn to inspirations that lead me to create.  Symbiosis is swirling around me…  Thankfully, I am listening.  To begin with, I have always contemplated nature and have been working with a young farmer who has taught me that the land, soil and seeds are there for all of us – if only we listen to them.

Guiding Stars
My website is a place where all that I listen to comes together.  Art from the HeART.  It is a collection of art, words, music, food and the land.  I have been inspired by what I call “guiding stars:”  The Avett Brothers, Cole Woodruff, David Childers, Paleface, Michele and Sarah West, Tina Gould, Tara Tranguch, and my grandmother, Minnie Wildes Hawkins, to name a few.  The musicians in this group lift me with their lyrics; the artists and writers heighten my creativity; the farmers and cooks speak to my core being and provide me the sustenance with which to produce.

I believe that without the inspirations buzzing around and through me, my folk art could not be created.  Nature and art:  a symbiotic relationship.  And I feel fortunate to be listening.

Giving Back
Having received so much from so many, I know that it is time to give back.  The profits from the artwork featured on my Wildes Art website are given to organizations near and dear to my heart and to the hearts of the lyricists whose words I have borrowed.

My guiding stars have led me to the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm.  As I became more aware of all the good that Lomax Farm provides the community and beginning farmers, I want to lend my support in the best way that I can…through art.  I was introduced to Lomax through the work of the Avetts, and then I listened as my friends, the Wests, spoke of all the good being done through this incubator farm.  Soon to call North Carolina home, I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing organization.

In order to help raise funds for Lomax, I am making available the featured prints, signed and numbered, with all profits going to Lomax Farm.  To place an order, please contact me at Once your check is received, your print will be mailed to you, and the designated profits will be sent to Lomax.

8×10 prints:  $25  ($15 of which will be sent to Lomax)
5×7 prints:  $20  ($12 of which will be sent to Lomax)

I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me through WildesArt at,  by posting on, or by messaging me on Facebook.  (Please “like” Wildes Art on Facebook, and spread the art!)


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