Against the Grain – 3 Internships

Farm/Organization Name: Against the Grain
Contact Name: Holly Whitesides
Contact Email:
Location: Zionville, NC
Region: High Country NC
Farm Description – Basic information about what is produced on your farm.: Against the Grain is a small-scale diversified farm located 15minutes from downtown Boone. We live on a 20acre farm and lease an additional 15 acres around the corner. We raise a broad spectrum of certified Biodynamic and Organic vegetables on approximately 2 acres. We also raise pastured Thanksgiving Turkeys and Animal Welfare Approved pastured chicken, pork, beef and goat.
Number of Available Positions: 3
Job/Internship Description: Internships at ATG involve learning by doing. In the process of doing the work of the farm, interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in planting techniques, soil fertility, weed control, pest management, irrigation, harvesting, marketing, equipment use/maintenance, record keeping and livestock management. The time commitment will vary through the season at 45-65 hours per week. The beginning of the season is very busy and as the summer progresses there is a steadier rhythm that sets in. For interns who would like to live on the farm, we expect a commitment for the entire season.
Job/Internship Start & End Dates: March through November/December
Qualifications: No prior farm work required but previous jobs requiring physical labor are a plus. It is essential for perspective interns to understand that farm work is very physical. We do our best to vary the tasks throughout the day, in order to prevent too much time being spent on one job; however, farm work is often repetitive by nature and very physically demanding. It is important to be realistic and honest about your past work experience and physical stamina.
Salary/Compensation: starting at $600/month..Compensation also includes 1 dozen eggs per week, 1 lb sausage per week, 2 whole chickens per month, organ meats and unlimited produce.
Application Instructions: email
Closing Date: until filled
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