The Carolina Organic Project

Bringing Organic Closer to Home

At CFSA, we’re on a mission to put local, organic food on your table from a farmer who shares your values. We think that food you can trust starts at the source – with the farmer. Organic family farmers in the Carolinas stand behind the food they produce. They are proud of their stewardship of the land and the humane and ethical way in which they raise their animals.

When you buy from a certified organic family farmer, you can be confident that you’re feeding your family food that is grown with respect for the environment – without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, without GMOs, and without artificial growth hormones.

The Carolina Organic Project video series throws open the barn doors and farm gates and invites you to see for yourself how CFSA helps Carolina farmers grow the healthy, sustainably, and ethically produced food that everyone deserves.


Each Dish Tells a Story

Click on the beef, bread, greens and carrots on this plate of delicious, organic food below to watch videos to see how CFSA is helping our amazing farmer and food business members bring organic closer to home.  


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