CFSA and Local Farmers Urge Governor to Veto Anti-whistle Blower Bill

by Rochelle Sparko, CFSA Policy Director

Will Bahr, Prodigal Farm; Suzanne Nelson, Haw River Ranch; Genell Pridgen, Rainbow Meadow Farm; Kathryn Spann, Prodigal Farm

Will Bahr, Prodigal Farm; Suzanne Nelson, Haw River Ranch; Genell Pridgen, Rainbow Meadow Farm; Kathryn Spann, Prodigal Farm


Yesterday, I was fortunate to have the chance to meet three wonderful, impassioned CFSA farmer-members in downtown Raleigh. These three farmers drove all the way to the capital to take a stand against House Bill 405, the Property Protection Act. Suzanne Nelson, Genell Pridgen, and Kathryn Spann hand-delivered a letter to Governor McCrory signed by 40 North Carolina farmers. The letter asks the Governor to veto the bill.

From the Letter Farmers Delivered to Pat McCrory:
“By permitting severe repercussions against those who report on illegal activity on farms, HB 405 grants a free pass to those recklessly cutting corners, and as such, directly threatens our economic viability as responsible farmers and food producers.”


Suzanne, Genell and Kathryn are just a few of the farmers who strongly oppose House Bill 405.  The bill has strong opposition because it will allow a few corrupt farms and other businesses who engage in illegal activities (including illegal animal abuse, violations of worker rights, elder abuse, and child abuse) to hide their actions. In addition to making it easier for a few bad actors to hide, the bill will discredit all others who are doing the right thing; the bill makes it looks like every business in the state wants to coerce its employees into keeping quiet.


If this bill becomes law, employers will be able to sue employees who take photos, make video or audio recordings, or remove records from the business, even if the information employees collect demonstrates illegal activity.


Learn more about House Bill 405 here


As of right now, we’re still waiting to see what the Governor decides to do. Regardless of the outcome, I am so proud to work with farmers who value a transparent, just food system. You saw this bill for the bad piece of policy that it is, and were willing to put you names on the line, literally, to bring this message to the governor.


Right now, the Governor’s office is tallying the opinions of voters in North Carolina. If you would like your voice to be taken into account, please call his office at (919) 814 2000. Simply explain that you are a registered voter in North Carolina and would like the Governor to veto House Bill 405.


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