Eastern Triangle Farm Tour Red Adventure Trail – Louisburg-area farms

Veteran Farmers, breathtaking views and alpacas are just some of the amazing things you’ll see on the Red trail of the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour, Sept. 17-18 from 1-5 PM. Enjoy the scenic route up from Bunn to the lush countryside of Louisburg where three diverse farms await your visit! The Veterans Farm of NC (you may remember this farm as Cypress Hall Farm), will be showcasing the work they do to integrate veterans into the farming world. Plus, they’ll offer a unique Veterans Village where tour-goers can meet several veteran farmers and purchase a variety of products. Next, head over to Meadow Lane Farm for a breathtaking view of the rolling pastures and enjoy a sampling of pastured beef under the pecan grove. About 20 minutes north of these two farms (we promise, it’s worth the drive), is Alpaca Dreams where you’ll learn about these unique and fascinating animals and how their fiber is used. Make an afternoon of visiting these three Louisburg area farms, or mix and match by choosing one stop from the blue trail, one from the red trail, and one from the yellow trail!


The Veterans Farm of NC

Veteran's Farm

Veteran’s Farm of NC

Come learn about how these farmers are changing the face of agriculture by integrating veterans into the farming world. During the tour, the farm will host a Veteran’s Village pop up market, featuring many veteran farmers from NC selling their goods including produce, soaps, meats, candles, crafts, and more. See over 100 turkeys ranging for Thanksgiving and pigs in their natural settings while cows graze in grass and chickens enjoy their lives in wide-open spaces. Help feed chickens and watch the pigs enjoy their mud bath. Meet Pete the Turkey and the many other animals that call this farm home. Come hungry for a good old fashioned pig pickin complete with veteran grown, raised, and prepared veggies & pulled pork at this stop!

(Pro-tip: Don’t forget to bring cash! While some farms may accept cards, it’s always best to be prepared. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the handmade products for sale at the Veteran’s Village Market, or fresh & prepared food options at any of the other farm tour stops.)


Meadow Lane Farm

Meadowlane Farm

Meadow Lane Farm

Enjoy the vast and beautiful rolling pasture land at this 18th-century farm home, complete with vintage mule and grain barns. Farmer Martha Mobley has recently been featured in publications such as Our State Magazine, and Modern Farmer magazine, and has launched a scholarship fund to support beginning farmers in the area. To support the scholarship fund and enjoy an incredible farm to table experience check out Martha’s Dinner in The Meadow event happening the weekend before the tour on Sunday, September 11th. During the farm tour see Martha’s Angus beef, sheep and Boer goat herds, all Animal Welfare Approved. Collect eggs from the hen-house, pet the tame goats, sample our beef under the pecan grove and tour our vegetable high-tunnel greenhouse with beehives. New this year – learn about the 8 acres of pollinator habitat established on the farm! Their fresh farm meats, eggs, cut flowers and organic produce will be available for sale. Plus, come hungry for lunch, this farm will be serving up Angus hotdogs topped with Martha’s “secret” chili served with chips and drinks on both Saturday and Sunday.


Alpaca Dreams

Alpaca Dreams

Alpaca Dreams

What did the Llama say when he got kicked off the farm? ‘Alpaca my bags!’

Jokes aside, do you know the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Come learn about the interesting traits of these unique animals. Visitors will learn about the pasture management techniques used at this farm to raise 13 alpacas, watched over by their two guard llamas. Learn from displays showing how alpacas are sheared at this farm and the processes used to turn their fiber into yarn and much more. Stop by the gift shop for lots of Alpaca fiber items for adults & children!


Ready for this adventure? 


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