Farmland Access Manual coverToday less than 2% of the population of the United States is employed in agriculture and that number has been similarly low for several decades. That means aspiring farmers are less likely to have grown up on a farm and are less likely to have access to family land on which to establish a farm business.

Perhaps you are one of these landless, aspiring farmers. You want to go into farming because you want to help provide healthy food for the people in your community or you are interested in the proper stewardship of the natural resources in your community. Maybe you feel a strong desire to work for yourself or to spend time working outdoors. Whatever the combinations of reasons leading you to explore a career in farming, unless you were born into a family with farmland, you are going to need a system to help you evaluate farmland as you develop a plan for your new farm business.

All too often individuals try to force a specific agricultural activity onto a specific parcel of land for which is not appropriately suited. This Farmland Access Manual will help you reverse that thinking.

NC Tobacco Trust Fund logoThis manual was funded through the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.

Written By: Aaron Newton

Download the Farmland Access Manual (.pdf)