Farm Tours

Join CFSA Down on the Farm!

CFSA’s farm tours were created to better connect farmers and consumers. Visitors are able to see the reality of what goes on at a sustainable small farm. How do farm families balance their busy lives? How do they grow food in harmony with nature? How do they market their products and make it financially?

We are especially happy that lots of children come on the tours. Today so many children have read story books about farms and farm animals, but have never actually seen a farm. By touring, children learn where their food comes from and what a real farm is.


Upstate Farm Tour

Thank you for 10 amazing years of the Upstate Farm Tour.

Unfortunately, due to funding constraints, we cannot host the tour this year. We will be posting fun agritourism events from our member farms around the region on our events calendar. You can also keep up-to-date on CFSA’s work in South Carolina by checking out our Food SystemsFarm Services, and Policy team pages.