GAPs One-On-One Training

CFSA Offers Direct Consulting to NC Farmers Pursuing a USDA GAPs Certification

Take advantage of our one-on-one training opportunity to have a mock audit conducted on your farm.  This training will help you identify potential risks and get an assessment of your current practices in relation to the GAPs certification matrix.

As part of our Local Produce Safety Initiative, we offer one-on-one site training and consultations including:

1.) Risk Assessment;

2.) Mock Audit;

3.) Food Safety Plan Review; and

4.) On-site training.


To get started, DOWNLOAD the 2015 CFSA GAPs Consulting Application (pdf) or (.doc)

You must be a current CFSA member prior to scheduling your consultation.  Join CFSA today!


For more information about this program, contact Patricia Tripp, Local Produce Safety Coordinator
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