Good Questions to Ask Your Farmer About Your Food

Get a conversation started! Ask your farmer questions about how they grow!

Local and organic farmers strive to grow food sustainably in order to protect our natural resources, while providing the freshest and most nutritious products possible.

Numerous ecological growing techniques exist under the umbrella of the sustainable agriculture movement. Each farmer utilizes the techniques that best suit their land, products, markets, lifestyles, and beliefs. Educate yourself! If you have any questions regarding how or why certain methods are employed, ask your local farmer.

Below we have provided you with a list of questions to get the conversation started between you and your farmer.


1.   Why do you farm?

2.   How do you decide which products to grow?

3.   What kind of fertilizers do you use?

4.   How do you deal with your weeds? insects? diseases?

5.   Do you grow all the products that you sell?

6.   Do you have any recipe recommendations/suggestions?



1.   What type of livestock do you manage?

2.   How do you feed them? What do you feed them? Do you use organic feed?

3.   Do you use hormones? antibiotics?

4.   Do you provide them with access to the outdoors? Are they pasture based, free   range, or confined?

5.   How do you process your animals? Do you do it or does someone else?


VALUE-ADDED GOODS (jams, baked goods, canned goods, etc…):

1.   Do you grow all your raw ingredients? If no, where do you get your supplemental   ingredients? Are they local/organic?

2.   How do you prepare, store, cook your products?

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