High Tunnel Consulting

High tunnels can be a profitable addition to many farms.

With high tunnels, you can start growing sooner, shorten days to harvest, and extend the harvest season into the winter months.

Although high tunnels offer new opportunities, efficient and sustainable management can be difficult to achieve. CFSA now has a technical service provider on staff who can help you find success growing in a high tunnel.


If you have experienced any of these issues with high tunnel production, CFSA’s can help. It’s FREE for members.

  • Issues with planting dates, pest pressure, and variety selection
  • Soil disturbance during the grading and installation process, as well as changes in runoff
  • Issues with irrigation and soil moisture that affect production and plant growth

CFSA can provide you with answers to your questions and aid in solving production challenges you may be having with your high tunnel.


How it Works

To qualify for this service, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a current CFSA member. Not a member? Join today!
  • Must have a high tunnel already constructed 
  • Must be gaining income or planning to gain income from farming

1) If you qualify, fill out our easy, online application.


2) After acceptance into the consulting program, you will be directed to fill out a farm profile. This provides us with information about your farm and specific challenges you want to be addressed.

3) Then, we will conduct a site visit to see your operation first hand and help you develop a plan to maximize your production potential and connect you with resources you need to be successful.


High tunnels can be an asset in your crop production and help your farm stand out in the marketplace.  If you’re ready to maximize your high tunnels, apply for our consulting services today!



Reach out to Gena Moore, Organic Research Coordinator via email or phone (919-542-2402)

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