The last thing you need to worry about when a hurricane, tropical storm, or tropical depression is coming is where to look for help.

While we’ll leave gathering weather news to you, below are resources we’ve compiled from state and federal agencies and organizations to help those with farms in North or South Carolina prepare for and recover from storm damage.

Resources for All Hurricanes


After the Storm

This video from RAFI-USA explains how farmers should document damages and losses caused by natural disasters in order to apply for disaster assistance programs.

Resources to Stay Up-to-Date

We’ll do our best to keep this page updated, but we advise farmers keep an eye on the following resources to get the latest on hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions as it relates to their farm operations.


South Carolina:

North Carolina:


We hope you, your family and friends, your homes, and your farms are safe.

Are we missing anything? If you have a helpful resource, please let us know.