Whether you are just starting or are years into running your farm, we can advise on what markets you should explore. We help assess your managerial strengths, agricultural market trends, and the financial health of your farm operation to help create a sustainable farm enterprise.

What Market Access Help Looks Like

Developing a Business Plan: Whether you grow fruits and vegetables or raise animals for meat and dairy, it is essential to have a detailed plan when starting a business. We can explain how to determine cash flow, create balance sheets, and generate the profit/loss statements you’ll need to responsibly operate your farm.

Financial Planning: Securing the capital to begin farming or to keep your operation running can be mystifying. We can help you prepare to meet with lenders so that you have the necessary funds to run your business. We’ll also help you maintain good financial records, which are key to continuously managing and improving your business.

On-Farm Technical Assistance: Different markets require different strategies. We can help improve your succession planting calendars for a continuous harvest, advise on your CSA program planting schedule, or help you understand which specifications are expected in various markets. We can advise how to incorporate best practices in post-harvest handling, washing, packing, storage, and transportation, too!

Farm Efficiency Audits: Do you sometimes feel there has to be a better way? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to identify how inefficiencies may be wasting your time and money. We can conduct an on-farm efficiency “audit” where we’ll discuss ways to improve the design and workflow of your operation.

Online Marketing & Social Media: As times change and our world becomes increasingly virtual, the way you run and market your business may, too. We can help you get acquainted with online sales platforms or give pointers on improving your website. And, of course, we have plenty of suggestions for improving your social media engagement.

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