Looking for suppliers for OMRI-approved pesticides; organic dry or liquid fertilizers, potting mix, and cover crop seeds; or compost in the NORTH CAROLINA?  You’ve come to the right place!

DOWNLOAD: NC Organic Input Finder (.xls)


Tips on How to Make the Most of the Input Finder:

  1. The input finder is grouped by NC region: Western NC, High Country, Piedmont, Sandhills, and Coastal Plains.  Just go to the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet and click on the tab for the region you’d like to search.
  2. Looking for a specific product?  Hit Control and F and you can search for product names and brands.
  3. Not sure which organic pest control is best for you? Check out our Organic Pest Control  Finder.
  4. Looking for organic hay or feed?  We’ve got that in the Organic and non-GMO Feed and  Finder.


NOTE: Are you a supplier of OMRI listed or NOP-compliant organic inputs?  Please complete the survey below to add your company to this database.