Keep Local Seafood on NC Dinner Plates: Oppose NC House Bill 983

One of the most beleaguered segments of the local food system is wild-caught seafood. It’s a story of cultural heritage and very healthy and tasty food running up against coastal developers, the wealthy sport fishing industry, cheap imports (and all the associated issues) and political agendas.

Part I of House Bill 983 is an attempt to diminish our access to wild-caught seafood in North Carolina by prohibiting commercial fishermen from catching red drum, spotted sea trout and stripped bass. H983 reserves those three species exclusively for sport fishermen. If this bill passes that means that you’ll never be able to eat those fish from NC waters again unless you have the means to go out in the ocean and catch them yourself.

Don’t be fooled by the language of this bill – wild-caught seafood is already managed sustainably. Prohibiting commercial fishermen from catching these three species DOES NOT reduce the catch limits, it just limits who can catch it (and eat it).


Take Action

Please call and email the members of the House Committee on Commerce and Job Development and urge them to remove Part I from H983. We don’t need to begin this journey down the slippery slope of making certain local foods the exclusive domain of the few.

Following are members of the House Committee on Commerce and Job Development with links to their contact information:


Chairman Rep. Murry
Vice Chairman Rep. W. Brawley
Vice Chairman Rep. Conrad
Vice Chairman Rep. Millis
Vice Chairman Rep. Moffitt
Vice Chairman Rep. R. Moore
Vice Chairman Rep. Saine
Vice Chairman Rep. Stone
Vice Chairman Rep. Torbett
Members Rep. Alexander,
Rep. Avila,
Rep. L. Bell,
Rep. Blackwell,
Rep. Boles,
Rep. R. Brawley,
Rep. Brody,
Rep. B. Brown,
Rep. Bumgardner,
Rep. Carney,
Rep. Catlin,
Rep. Collins,
Rep. Cunningham,
Rep. Dockham,
Rep. Dollar,
Rep. Earle,
Rep. Farmer-Butterfield,
Rep. Fisher,
Rep. Floyd,
Rep. Fulghum,
Rep. Goodman,
Rep. C. Graham,
Rep. G. Graham,
Rep. Hager,
Rep. D. Hall,
Rep. Hamilton,
Rep. Hanes,
Rep. Holley,
Rep. Holloway,
Rep. Howard,
Rep. Jeter,
Rep. Johnson,
Rep. Lambeth,
Rep. Lewis,
Rep. Lucas,
Rep. Malone,
Rep. Martin,
Rep. Pierce,
Rep. Presnell,
Rep. Richardson,
Rep. Riddell,
Rep. Samuelson,
Rep. Schaffer,
Rep. Setzer,
Rep. Shepard,
Rep. Speciale,
Rep. Starnes,
Rep. Steinburg,
Rep. Szoka,
Rep. Terry,
Rep. Tine,
Rep. Tolson,
Rep. Waddell,
Rep. Warren,
Rep. Wells,
Rep. West,
Rep. Whitmire,
Rep. Wray


After you have made calls and sent emails, please consider signing this petition in opposition of the bill. Thank you in advance for your help.

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