Members are the heart and voice of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

CFSA has thousands of members in the Carolinas — farmers, urban gardeners, local businesses and non-profit organizations, government agencies, foodies, activists, health nuts, and locavores — all working together to help people in the Carolinas grow and eat local, organic food.

What is a membership-based nonprofit?

A membership-based, 501c3 nonprofit organization is formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit. As a member-driven organization, we champion the common interests of our members. Our success depends upon our members — the larger our membership, the louder our voice, and the greater our impact when we speak for you on sustainable food and farming issues.

Every member matters!

A growing membership empowers our advocacy for local food and organic farming, being part our important work to

  • Build the systems sustainable family farms need to thrive
  • Improve our environment by helping farmers adopt sustainable and organic practices
  • Connect thousands of families to local farms through our fabulous farm tours
  • Be a voice for fair food and farm policies that make economic sense
  • Help create a world where all Carolinians have healthy food to eat

CFSA Business & Nonprofit Members

We are grateful for the support of our business, nonprofit, government and educational institution members. Check out more about business and institutional members, and download our directory!