Questions for Candidates


The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) works directly with policymakers and community leaders across the Carolinas to educate and collaborate on issues that affect food and farming. CFSA believes that it is incredibly important that leaders across both states understand the importance of sustainable farming and community food systems.

This document provides guidance for individuals to interact with candidates for elected office about sustainable farming and community food systems. Questions for Candidates aims to get candidates and their communities thinking about farming, food security, community gardening, and food. Some candidates will become elected officials; the more the candidates learn about sustainable farming and food systems now, the more likely that they will support policies that foster these systems once elected.

Public discourse about these issues is incredibly important to both increase awareness and to hold our elected officials accountable. Please use this guide to discuss food system issues at public debates, forums and town hall meetings.



2016 QUESTIONS FOR CANDIDATES – Voter’s Guide to Questions on Food and Farm Policy in the Carolinas (.pdf)

Oct. 2016 


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