On-farm Organic Consulting


As an extension of our Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) consulting, CFSA staff are available to provide on-farm consulting to farmers about opportunities to take advantage of cost share assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Organic Initiative.

The consultation involves an on-farm visit, a tour of the farm to assess natural resource concerns that can be addressed by NRCS conservation practices and a discussion of how the producer can access cost share funding to implement the identified practices on his or her farm. The farm visit normally takes about two hours and also provides an opportunity for discussion of organic production concerns on the farm. A written report will be made available to the producer outlining recommended conservation practices.

Some of the conservation practices applicable to organic farms that are available for cost share assistance include: nutrient management, cover cropping, mulching, forage and biomass planting, conservation cover (pollinator/beneficial habitat), hedgerow planting, field borders, prescribed grazing, pumping plants, wells, drip irrigation systems and seasonal high tunnels (among many more). For a description of some of the various conservation practices available for cost share assistance, visit the CFSA Farm Services webpage at https://www.carolinafarmstewards.org/eqip-organic-initiative-conservation-practices-for-your-farm/.

The target audience for this project is transitioning and organic farmers; however, organic certification is not required for participation. There is no cost for this service to the producer, although membership in CFSA is required. To participate in this opportunity or for more information, contact Mark Dempsey, CFSA’s Farm Services Coordinator at 919.542.2402 or email him.

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