SAC attendees gathered around the seed swap table

Bring your seeds to swap! Or collect some so that you can start growing and saving your own. It’s all FREE!

Please bring bulk or prepackaged seed varieties to share (25 for garden plants, 100-200 for field crops). And while we’re on the subject, we’ll have some packets for folks to use, but please feel free to bring your own plastic bags, containers, or sealed envelopes.

Neatly labeled seed containersAttendees glancing at the seeds on the seed swap table

Seed containers with descriptions

Be sure to label each seed or plant variety with as much of the following as possible:

  • Species and variety name
  • Original source (if known)
  • Saver’s name
  • Geographic place where grown
  • Methods (organic, conventional)
  • Any comments on the variety’s features, advantages, ornamental or craft uses, etc.

Remember, seed saving is rich in storytelling. If you have any neat anecdotes, historical knowledge of the seed, or any other interesting information that other growers may find fascinating, feel free to take the time to write something up and set it alongside your seeds.

Want to know more about growing for seed and seed saving? You’re in luck – this year we’re hosting the first-ever Southeast Organic Seed Summit, which includes an accompanying conference track

An attendee writing on their seed packet