Summer Bonfire Cocktail

by Clark Barlowe, Owner of Heirloom Restaurant in Charlotte and Bartender, Dexter Dunan 

Summer bonfire

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Heirloom Restaurant is my dream. I opened Heirloom’s doors in early February 2014. My vision for the restaurant is to showcase the plethora of ingredients and producers that North Carolina offers by serving dishes that do justice to the dedication of the over 70 farmers and producers from which Heirloom sources. Changing the menu daily to reflect the availability of the farms and what North Carolina has to offer, my staff and I prepare a 12 course tasting menu utilizing local ingredients. But we constantly seek to expand the perception of what local can entail, as we work year-round to preserve ingredients in their purest form, and thus have the capacity to offer the bright flavor of blueberries in December, tomato soup in February, and carrots in August. Guests’ palates are also treated to unique ingredients, such as  reindeer moss, hen of the wood mushrooms, strawberry tops, oak leaves, and other delicacies in their purest form and re-imagined through innovative vinegars, pesto, and broths.

At Heirloom we are also committed to creating a sense of community and sharing the joy that comes from a deeper understanding of an ingredient or appreciation for where one’s food is sourced. We hope you enjoy this spicy, summer cocktail; perfect for sipping by a bonfire, surrounded by friends.

2 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Garlic Clove
1 Oz Olive Brine
2 Oz Topo Vodka
10 Dashes Dusty Foothills Hot Sauce (Subsitute Texas Pete if Dusty Foothills not available)
2 Bar Olives
1 Slice Crispy Bacon

Method of Preparation:

1. In a pint glass muddle tomatoes and garlic.
2. Add olive brine, Dusty Foothills, and vodka.
3. Shake with ice and serve cold in a pint glass.
4. Garnish with olives and bacon.


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