by CFSA | Last updated Monday, March 8, 2021 –
Shoppers asking questions at a farmers market beneath a tent

Local and organic farmers strive to grow food sustainably in order to protect our natural resources while providing the freshest and most nutritious products possible.

Numerous ecological growing techniques exist under the umbrella of the sustainable agriculture movement. Each farmer utilizes the techniques that best suit their land, products, markets, lifestyles, and beliefs. Educate yourself! If you have any questions regarding how or why certain methods are employed, ask your local farmer.

But before we get too specific, let’s set the tone. If you are at a farmers market, the biggest thing you should ask a farmer is if they have time to answer a few questions. Be considerate of other patrons, lines, and the farmer’s time. If there are long lines, come back when it’s slower.

Below are questions to get the conversation started between you and your farmer.