By Dr. Francesco Tiezzi, Department of Animal Science at NC State & Ashley See, CFSA Communications Coordinator | Thursday, Aug. 8 2019 – 

Maremmana beef cattle at Tenuta di Paganico

This month, we finish taking a closer look at the farms and food of central and southern Italy by exploring four different farms or farm businesses that produce specialty meats or pasta. In this specific line-up, we’re excited to discuss:

  • Mulino Val d’Orcia – A pasta-to-plate farm, mill, and restaurant
  • Macelleria Belli – A 50-year-old butchery
  • Tenuta La Fratta – A farm raising one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world
  • Tenuta di Paganico – A farm that has grazed its heritage cow and pig breeds in a peculiar silvopastoral system since the 1920s and produces its own cork

Read on to learn about the unique ways that these producers are modernizing the craft of some of the most beloved traditional foods throughout Italy.

And if you’re wondering why CFSA is talking about farming in Italy, then you may have missed our kickoff article by CFSA Executive Director, Roland McReynolds, who attended the trip or part-one of the series where we looked at three very different dairies using three very different kinds of milk–sheep, water buffalo, and cow–to make cheese. 

Disclaimer: There are some photos of raw meat below. (more…)