Tumbling Shoals Farm – 5 FT farm positions

Farm/Organization Name: Tumbling Shoals Farm
Contact Name: Shiloh Avery/Jason Roehrig
Contact Email: farmer@tumblingshoalsfarm.com
Location: Millers Creek, NC

Region: High Country NC
Farm Description – Basic information about what is produced on your farm.: We’re a diversified certified organic vegetable/fruit farm in the beautiful foothills in western NC. We grow “a mess” of different crops that we sell through 3 farmers’ markets a week, a 95-member CSA, a multi-farm CSA, and to restaurants and grocery stores.
Number of Available Positions: 5
Job/Internship Description: Farm super hero. This is a paid hourly position, but you’ll be part of the TSF “farmily”. You’ll live and work on the farm. All new employees start at $9/hour, 40 hours/week (that’s $1440/month if you’re comparing it to a monthly stipend). We work together as a tightly knit team. You will participate in and learn all aspects of running a small vegetable farm business from greenhouse management to field management to marketing. All employees will be able to (and will!) run the farm without us by September (when you return from your paid vacation!). For specifics, please contact us!
Job/Internship Start & End Dates: Varied: mid-March through October. We need all hands on deck at least by the first of April.
Qualifications: No experience necessary. Farming is a physically demanding job, and this is the southeast, so some demonstration of physical endurance in heat and humidity is a definite plus. This is a learning opportunity, so we give priority to those interested in a farming career. Other than that, we require good team players (I cannot emphasize this enough!) and hope you have an easy smile and good sense of humor.
Salary/Compensation: $9/hour, 40 hours/week ($1440/month in case you’re comparing to monthly stipends), includes on farm housing, all the veggies you can eat, and a paid vacation in August
Application Instructions: Please email a resume (doesn’t have to be formal), with three work references, and a brief description of why you want to work at Tumbling Shoals Farm.
Website: www.tumblingshoalsfarm.com
Closing Date: rolling
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