Woodcrest Farm – Livestock/Dairy Intern

Farm/Organization Name: Woodcrest Farm
Contact Name: Allan Green
Contact Email: info@woodcrestfarmnc.com
Location: Hillsborough, NC
Region: Triangle NC
Farm Description – Basic information about what is produced on your farm.: Our farm is a small, multi-product farm near Chapel Hill in central North Carolina, USA. We raise and sell grass-fed beef, pork, poultry & eggs, organically-raised produce, and operate a small pet-milk dairy. In addition to farming profitably, we attempt to provide a real-life, educational opportunity for sustainable farming practices and rural culture and skills, like food preservation, sewing and needle crafts, and blacksmithing.
Number of Available Positions: 1
Job/Internship Description: Livestock / Dairy Intern: – manages our dairy and beef cattle, goats, and hogs to keep them healthy, productive, and humanely housed – manages the dairy business – scheduling production to meet customer demand, bottling and labeling dairy orders, maintaining hygiene in the dairy, keeping equipment operational, etc. – manages the daily milking schedule. All of us participate, but the dairy intern schedules and assigns staff for twice-daily milking – maintain herd health through clean food, water, grazing, housing, pathogen control – manages the beef and pork production, transport to slaughter and packaging, sales, and delivery
Job/Internship Start & End Dates: Immediate – through 2018 season
Qualifications: Skills Desired: Experience and skills required are specific to the internship. Livestock / Dairy intern needs to be familiar with livestock and be committed to humane and safe practices for their care. All positions will benefit from general mechanical aptitude, and construction and tool use.
Salary/Compensation: Room, Board, 500/mo.,
Application Instructions: Apply with email to info@woodcrestfarmnc.com
Website: woodcrestfarmnc.com
Closing Date: until filled
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