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Through forging relationships between bakers, farmers, miller, wheat breeders, crop specialists, and the general public, the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s North Carolina Organic Bread Flour Project (NCOBFP) has worked toward laying the groundwork for a viable and vibrant organic bread grain economy in North Carolina. Centered upon the growing consumer demand for local, this project has set out to establish a model approach for regional processing of North Carolina organic grains. Our charge has been to (1) determine the practical requirements of establishing a regional micro-milling facility that would connect Carolina growers with Carolina bakers (and restauranteurs and the general public) and (2) to establish the relationships and corporate structures among bakers, farmers, and millers necessary to make such ventures successful.


Carolina Ground

Billy Carter’s Farm and Carolina Grounds’ First Flour!

Carolina Ground L3C is the result of this work. A milling facility located in Western North Carolina (WNC), Carolina Ground, L3C has introduced a locally-grown, organic bread flour—both heritage and modern, a pastry flour, as well as rye flour, to bakeries and restaurants in WNC. We are providing an inducement for growers to plant organic hard wheat in NC and we are supplying a local source of flour to bakeries.


> Buy Carolina Ground flour online!

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Carolina Ground, L3C, receives funding support from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. This funding support comes from the foundation’s Food and Farming Initiative. 


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