One way to help increase sustainability and resilience on your farm is to examine day-to-day production decisions, methods, and techniques. Below you’ll find organic production resources such as how-tos, learning opportunities, and answers to questions that we often receive.


Who this page is for: Those who will get the most of this are primarily fruit and vegetable farmers interested in organic, sustainable, and regenerative methods and grow on 20 acres or less.

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Season Extension with High Tunnels

From Construction to Production

High tunnels are unheated polyethylene-covered structures that are typically cooled through passive ventilation. High tunnels increase day and night temperatures and protect crops from many environmental factors such as wind and precipitation. They allow farmers to extend their season, grow specialty crops, reduce disease, and much more!

The season extension capabilities provided by high tunnels can open up new opportunities and price premiums in the local marketplace. However, producing in high tunnels is different from field production and can be difficult to master.

We help farmers all along the way—from site selection and installation to crop planning for efficient, profitable production and troubleshooting issues.

Other CFSA High Tunnel Resources

How can you dive in and refine high tunnel production on your farm?

We’re here to help! CFSA has a technical assistance program for high tunnel production. We’ll work with you to determine site selection, financing, purchasing options, installation, and so much more!

  • Come to a monthly high tunnel meetup.
    Join our monthly regional high tunnel meetups to talk with other farmers, discuss regional issues, and share successes. Each virtual gathering highlights a topic or opportunity with ample time for discussion, questions, and networking.
  • Attend a workshop.
    From production planning to soil health, we host individual workshops virtually and across the Carolinas throughout the year. We usually spotlight high tunnel education at our annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference too. Check out our Events Calendar for the next opportunity.
  • Want more high tunnel how-tos and guides?
    We have several for you! Peruse them in our Resource Center.

How else can I learn to improve my methods?

Organic Research – We conduct on-farm research to help Southeast farms address challenges in organic production. Learn more about what we’re up to and peruse our findings.


Attend a Field Day – We host field days each spring at our education and research farm in Concord, NC. Keep an eye on our events calendar for the next one.

Education – In addition to our two annual conferences, CFSA puts on 50+ workshops for farmers a year throughout NC and SC. See our events calendar for upcoming events near you!


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