Record Keeping

Record Keeping Templates 

Excel spreadsheets you can use to calculate your farm’s profits and losses

NCAT, Financial Record Templates (excel file)

UWisc & SSAWG (Jim Munsch), 2014 Veggie Compass Profitability Worksheet (excel file)

Cornell, High Tunnel Account Book (excel file)

VT Veg and Berry Growers Association (Thomas Case), Multiple Market Sales & Production spreadsheets (excel file)


Word documents YOU CAN USE TO keep your own farm’s records

Riddle & Ford, Record Keeping Form Templates for Organic Farmers (.doc)

Vegetable Record keeping Templates and Examples (.doc)

Livestock Record keeping Templates and Examples (.doc)

Grain Record keeping Templates and Examples (.doc)

Farm Record keeping Templates (.doc)

The Farm recordkeeping templates include multiple forms:
-List of Organic Certification Records
-Field History Sheet
-Newly Purchased Land or Rented Land Verification
-Seed Verification Form
-Field Activity Log
-Input Use Record
-Compost Production Record
-Neighbor Notification Letter
-Verification of Adjoining Land Use
-Buffer Crop Usage
-Crop Harvest Record
-Crop Harvest & Storage Record
-Clean Transport Affidavit
-Split Operation or Parallel Production Crop Record
-Audit Control Summary
-Complaint Log


PDFs that include great templates for record keeping systems

Riddle & Ford, Organic Vegetable Operation Record Keeping Systems (.pdf)

Mississippi State University, Hoophouse Record Keeping Template (.pdf)

University of Florida, Livestock Records (.pdf)

University of Florida, Rainfall & Irrigation record (.pdf)

University of Florida, Field Records (.pdf)

Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Templates for Small-Scale Fruit and Vegetable Growers (.pdf)

ATTRA, Forms, Documents, and Sample Letters for Organic Producers (.pdf)

ATTRA, Documentation Forms for Organic Crop and Livestock Producers (.pdf)

ATTRA, Organic Orchard, Vineyard and Berry Crop Documentation Forms (.pdf)

ATTRA, Organic Market Farm Documentation Forms (.pdf)

ATTRA, Organic Farm Seed and Planting Stock Record (.pdf)

ATTRA, Organic Field Crops Documentation Forms (.pdf)



Other Resources:

CFSA’s Record Keeping Tool Review

There are a number of commercially available record keep tools on the market and while many of them offer a free trial, we went ahead and reviewed them for you! We hope you find this information useful when thinking about purchasing software for your own use.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT: Record Keeping Software


Record Keeping Resources in our Organic Transition Handbook


The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook

A Complete Guide to Managing Finances, Crops, and Staff—and Making a Profit

by Richard Wiswall – a speaker at CFSA’s 2011 Sustainable Agriculture Conference.

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