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We are a non-profit, membership-based organization that advocates for fair farm and food policies, builds the systems that organic family farms need to thrive, and educates communities about local, organic farming.

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FDA Publishes New Food Safety Rules

Comments from Sustainable Agriculture Needed   September 19, 2014 Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued revised proposed regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and the agency is inviting a new round of public comments on the changes.  Public comments are due Dec. 15, 2014.   “The initial FSMA rules proposed by FDA in 2013 threatened devastating [...] Take Action >>

Fracking is Coming to NC

The Background This summer the General Assembly lifted the moratorium on fracking. Drilling permits can be issued once the Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) finalizes the rules for fracking.   The Current Situation and Take Action Thursday, August 14, 2014 The MEC proposed rules and wants to hear from you before they are finalized. The public comment period on the [...] Take Action >>

Sales Tax Exemption for Farmers

Update Do you have an agricultural exemption certificate number that enables you to buy farm supplies and equipment without paying sales tax? It’s time to reapply! Your number is expiring on either July 1, 2014 or October 1, 2014. Avoid trouble with the tax man by clicking here to go to the Take Action section. The Background In 2013, [...] Take Action >>

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Questions for Candidates

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) works directly with policymakers and community leaders across the Carolinas to educate and collaborate on issues that affect food and farming. CFSA believes that it is incredibly important that leaders across both states understand the importance of sustainable farming and community food systems. This document provides guidance for individuals to [...] Learn More >>

Food Safety Videos

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association has launched a series of videos to supplement the “Good Agricultural Practices for Small Diversified Farms: Tips and Strategies to Reduce Risk and Pass an Audit” manual. This video series continues to document real-world examples of how small, diversified farms can employ these tips and strategies to meet GAP certification [...] Learn More >>

Organic Agricultural Inputs

Farmers have consistently identified the limited supply of organic agricultural inputs as one of the most significant obstacles to increasing organic crop production in the Carolinas. You told us and we listened! CFSA has done the legwork so you can find and purchase OMRI-listed and NOP-compliant organic inputs.  Looking for OMRI-approved pesticides; organic dry or liquid fertilizers, [...] Learn More >>

The Sweet Potato

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Mob Grazing with Greg JudyGreg Judy

by Read Collins, CFSA Intern Greg Judy Greg Judy, a featured speaker at this year’s Sustainable Agriculture Conference, will offer an on-farm workshop covering the finer points of the livestock system known as mob grazing. Judy left an off-farm job more 30 years ago, to pursue his passion for sustainable agriculture. He now owns Green Pastures Farm [...] Learn More >>

Organic Seed ProductionFE5G9410

by Erin Hall, CFSA intern The 29th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference will kick off with a myriad of exciting and informative preconference workshops and intensives. Conference attendees who have a passion for seed-saving or want to learn the basics of organic seed production have the opportunity to join Micaela Colley and Edmund Frost for a workshop on [...] Learn More >>

A New Look at Biodynamic Agriculturehugh

by Britta Halvorson, CFSA intern The 29th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Greenville, SC is less than 3 weeks away. As many know, the Conference unites experienced farmers and those new to farming for both networking and collaboration; it connects people who are passionate about rebuilding a healthy, local food shed from seed-to-plate. A pre-conference intensive led by [...] Learn More >>