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The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association is on a mission to bring local, organic food to your table from a farmer who shares your values.

Our vision is a vibrant, sustainable food system that is
good for consumers, good for farmers and farmworkers,
and good for the land.

We’re an active network of passionate folks and we need your help!  

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The Sweet Potato

What is it about tomatoes, anyway?KDawkins-kdp02604

By Dr. Craig LeHoullier, the “NC Tomatoman” (the fellow who named Cherokee Purple in 1990) and speaker at the 2016 Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Nov. 4 – 6 in Durham. Summer eating conjures up so many feelings, thoughts, and cravings. Walks through a mid-summer farmers market brings us face to face with piles of peppers, stacks of summer [...] Learn More >>

Part 2: Home-canning Heirloom Tomatoes – A step-by-step guide with safety tips!craig canned maters June 7 2016

By Ciranna Bird, CFSA Member and Medical Writer for Farmers Seek the experts Home-canning expertise used to be handed down through generations. For example, my dad and uncles learned how to hunt deer with compound bows, shoot wild ducks and fish for rainbow trout in the Colorado River from my grandpa. My grandmother taught my Aunt Pat [...] Learn More >>

Part 1: Home-canning Heirloom Tomatoes – Leaving the canned goods grocery aisle behindTomatopalooza kristina bulgarian

By Ciranna Bird, CSFA Member and Medical Writer for Farmers.  Tomato season is my favorite time of year. From July through September, my vision, taste buds, and tactile senses are delighted with tomatoes of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Visit any farmers market and you will find organic, juicy, flavorful tomatoes which have been grown from seeds [...] Learn More >>