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The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association is on a mission to bring local, organic food to your table from a farmer who shares your values.

Our vision is a vibrant, sustainable food system that is
good for consumers, good for farmers and farmworkers,
and good for the land.

We’re an active network of passionate folks and we need your help!  

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Don’t Let NC Hide Animal Abuse

Background Around the country, legislators have introduced laws designed to stifle the exposure of illegal animal abuse at agricultural facilities. Proponents of these laws claim that the legislation is necessary to protect private property. Opponents of the laws claim that these bills inhibit transparency, threaten whistleblowers with criminal or civil liability, and generally erode the ability [...] Take Action >>

Healthy Food Small Retailer/Corner Store Act

Background There is a growing movement to increase fresh, healthy food access in corner stores and convenience stores. Many people living in food desert areas often can only access food that is available for purchase at these types of stores. Over the past several years, there have been multiple county and city level initiatives in North [...] Take Action >>

SC Healthy Food Financing Initiative

The Background The South Carolina budget could contain a $500,000 appropriation for a Health Food Financing Initiative this year! This appropriation will support local farmers and food businesses by providing access to loans and grants to establish, renovate, or expand food projects. Priority will be given to projects that expand access to healthy, local food in communities [...] Take Action >>

The Sweet Potato

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Piedmont Farm Tour Adventure Trails: Cluster 1 and 2wild hare

With 40 awesome farms to choose from, the Piedmont Farm Tour has so much to offer! One of the biggest things we hear from farm tour visitors each year is that you would like some guidance in planning your route. Well this year, we’re making it easy for you to plan out your perfect afternoon [...] Learn More >>

Piedmont Farm Tour Adventure Trails: Cluster 3 and 4DSCN1898

Cluster 3: W.C. Breeze Incubator Farm, Open Door Farm, Cedar Grove Windy Hill Farm, Windy Acres Farm, Avillion Farm, and Iron Gate Winery. This cluster is action packed, with so many farms close together you might want to pick 3 for each day.   W.C. Breeze Family Farm – This agricultural extension and research center is growing more [...] Learn More >>

Piedmont Farm Tour Adventure Trails: Cluster 5 and 6minka

Cluster 5: Minka Farm, Fickle Creek Farm, RambleRill Farm, & WoodCrest Farm. These farms are so close together, you might be able to make it to all 4 in one day! Or, choose from two from Cluster five to mix and match from nearby farms in Clusters 4 or 5!   Minka Farm– Ready for cute animal overload!? [...] Learn More >>