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Grow Local & Organic

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association is on a mission to bring local, organic food to your table from a farmer who shares your values.

Our vision is a vibrant, sustainable food system that is
good for consumers, good for farmers and farmworkers,
and good for the land.

We’re an active network of passionate folks and we need your help!  

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The Sweet Potato

Okfuskee Farm: Young Farmers Use Holistic Management as InnovationBronwyn, Holland and Bobby Tucker. Photo by Bronwyn Tucker.

by Cindy Flowers, CFSA Intern Bronwyn, Holland and Bobby Tucker. Photo by Bronwyn Tucker.   The Farm in Silk Hope From the road at Okfuskee Farm, you see a modest farm house, a packing shed, a double green house, a freshly planted shade house and grass growing across gradually terraced fields dotted with young trees. What you may not [...] Learn More >>

Organic Gardening: Creating healthy soils, organic fertilizers, and pest management strategiesGarden

Photo by Lori L. Stalteri By Aimee Colf, Horticulture Agent, Anson Cooperative Extension The definition of acceptable “organic” methods may vary greatly between gardeners because no standard definition exists for organic gardening at the homeowner level. Meanwhile, commercial growers must complete an organic certification process and adhere to National Organic Standards. These growers rely on the Organic [...] Learn More >>

Using the Whole ChickenPull on the wing to discover the joint, and remove.

Chicken Butchery Basics by Meredith Leigh, author of The Ethical Meat Handbook Learning to use the whole chicken (or other bird) is one of the most foundational things you can do to support ethical meat. Why? It ensures that the farmer can profit from the entire animal, eliminates processing fees from the equation, and contributes to a [...] Learn More >>