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Grow Local & Organic

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association is on a mission to bring local, organic food to your table from a farmer who shares your values.

Our vision is a vibrant, sustainable food system that is
good for consumers, good for farmers and farmworkers,
and good for the land.

We’re an active network of passionate folks and we need your help!  

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The Sweet Potato

Paving the Way for Truly Ethical Meat in Restaurantson farm pork credit Cindy Kunst and The Ethical Meat Handbook-min

Photo by Cindy Kunst for The Ethical Meat Handbook By Meredith Leigh, farmer, butcher, and author of The Ethical Meat Handbook, and speaker at the 2016 Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Nov. 4 – 6 in Durham. Everyone saw that clip on Portlandia about the chicken, right? The comedy sketch poking at modern culture portrayed two awkward diners asking extremely [...] Learn More >>

Picking Seasonal Favorites: Advice from farm-to-table pro, Angelina’s KitchenIMG_3080

By Marianna Spence, CFSA Membership Coordinator I sat down with Angelina Koulizakis-Battiste (with her team, second from left), chef and owner of one of Pittsboro’s favorite farm-to-table restaurants, Angelina’s Kitchen. She’s truly a local food hero, sourcing more than 70% of all ingredients from area farms and only using 100% pasture-raised meats. I asked Angelina to share [...] Learn More >>

Green Gazpacho with Cucumber and PerillaGreen Gazpacho from Piedmont BioFarm

by Geoff Seelen, Piedmont BioFarm Green Gazpacho from Piedmont BioFarmPhoto by Geoff Seelen In the summer, we’re always inundated with tomatoes and cucumbers, but more often than not, cucumbers take a backseat to the more glamorous tomato. In this recipe, cucumber provides a cool medium for green vegetables and herbs that will be a cool and refreshing [...] Learn More >>